Film Video Audio Transfer Digial Restoration

West Virginia

8mm and 16mm Film and Video Restoration

We serve your local community!

Our Before and After Videos tell the Story of the quality of our work

The Before & After videos will show you other companies work compared to what we do.

The “BEFORE” example is transfer work that was done by another company that the customer was shocked how bad it turned out. They contacted us for help and the “AFTER” is after film restoration by us showing the way it should look.

Charleston, West Virginia 8mm 16mm Film Restoration
Huntington, West Virginia 8mm 16mm Film Restoration
Parkersburg, West Virginia 8mm 16mm Film Restoration

The videos below are Before & After examples. Showing other companies work as the "BEFORE" and my Work as the "AFTER"

More than 40% of my Business in 2016 was redoing other companies work from all over the country.
Getting Quotes & Bids thinking that this is all the same, regardless who does it, is a recipe for disaster.

My Guarantee

100% money back guaranteed that I can restore your films to look and sound better than any other company. ( no other company offers this )

Little at a time is the best way to do this.
You don't need to get them all done at once.
Do not send or drop off ALL your films to anybody!

How do you know what it's going to look like? Many people make this mistake, thinking it's all the same.

No Need to do All Films at the Same Time

Let me do a few reels, see how you like it ! then get the rest done another time till the project is complete.

Email me back with sizes and number of reels THAT YOU WANT TO GET DONE FIRST. ​

​​If all companies film transfer work was the same, just get the cheapest, right?​

It's mandatory to watch the video example, so we are on the same page of what I do, compared to other companies. You don't want to be just comparing price sheets, or some company will butcher your family film history. When you watch the videos… you will understand.